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Invoking Nostalgia: A Time-Turner in Modern Marketing

Are the nineties back? Nostalgia marketing is more than just a whimsical journey down memory lane; it's a savvy strategy that taps into the emotive ...
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YouTube social media marketing for travel brands

Is YouTube An Effective Social Media Platform For Travel Marketing?

By Dana Baasiri In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, platforms come and go, each vying for the attention of consumers. Among them stands YouTube, a ...
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Barbie Integrated Marketing Strategy 2023 Movie

Barbie’s Publicity Machine: A Lesson In Integrated Marketing

By Dana Baasiri Barbie might be the talk of the town but Mattel’s marketing team is the real star of the show. So, how did ...
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Navigating Influencer Marketing in 2024: Key Trends and Insights for Travel Brands

Navigating Influencer Marketing in 2024: Key Trends and Insights for Travel Brands

Picture this: your PR or Social Media Marketing team is gearing up to launch a new campaign with influencers. After carefully selecting the right influencers ...
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How To Reach Customers Through Experiential Marketing Partnerships With Travel Brands in 2024

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly challenging to capture consumer attention, experiential marketing is changing the way companies connect with their target audience. In ...
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How to pitch travel writers in 2024

How To Successfully Pitch Travel Writers In 2024

Wouldn’t it be a game-changer if every time your public relations team pitched a story, your travel brand was featured? In this article, we cover ...
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Wellness travel trends 2024

The Future of Travel: Embracing Sustainable Luxury and Experiential Adventures in 2024

In 2024, the landscape of travel is undergoing a transformative shift, marked by emerging trends that redefine the way we explore the world. These trends ...
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Secret santa holiday gifts for the marketing guru

Secret Santa Gifts for the Marketing Guru in Your Life

The holiday season is here, and if you’ve drawn the name of a marketing maven in your Secret Santa pool, you’re in luck! Marketers, known ...
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Cultivating Quality Leads and Boosting Email Lists

Cultivating Quality Leads: Leveraging Travel Partnerships To Enhance Email Lists

In the contemporary digital marketplace, building a rich database of engaged email subscribers is paramount for any business aiming to maintain a persistent dialogue with ...
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is public relations dead

Is PR Dead: The Role of Public Relations in Travel and Tourism

By Dana Baasiri Traditional mass communication or publicity as we once knew it is a thing of the past. The public relations industry has come ...
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Ownable, Memorable, and Exclusive Resort Programming

By Dana Baasiri   In today’s experience-driven economy, travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to hotels and unbeatable guest offerings. With 78% of ...
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brand activations pop up events artist residency hotel entertainment

3 Impactful Brand Activations And Why They’re So Effective

By Dana Baasiri In a world where consumers are bombarded with endless ads and marketing messages, brand activations are a powerful tool to raise awareness ...
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