Success Story

Rachel Ray Bucket List

At a Glance:

Dream Vacations wanted to become a household name for families and young travelers alike garnering brand awareness across a large audience. They were looking to promote that they not only sell great vacations but their travel specialists would help craft the perfect trip for everyone. The Rachael Ray show was looking to fulfill 50 different bucket list items for one of their on-air segments.

Alliance Connection wanted to expand the verticals that Dream Vacations was activating to grow their household awareness. In connecting with the Rachael Ray show, we reviewed the bucket list that they sent over and was able to find something unique and fun that Dream Vacations could supply. Not only would the couple receive a great cruise to the Caribbean but also check off ziplining at Coco Bay, Royal Caribbean’s private island. The Rachael Ray show provided a wide reach to an audience that would most likely travel as well as continued exposure through online presence and reruns to follow.

Promotional Partnership

In celebration of a 50th birthday, the Rachael Ray Show was helping a couple is cross off a 50 item bucket list and Dream Vacations provided the Royal Caribbean cruise that helped them experience zip lining in the Caribbean.
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