Success Story

Explore Better National Parks

At a Glance:

We partnered with Explore Better to bring a content expedition with the National Parks and drive social media amplification for the unique offerings of Explore Better.

Alliance Connection created a YouTube content series where three  influencers documented their unique experience and stay.

Each influencer ran a sweepstakes for their followers  to have a chance to experience a similar adventure that further engaged the Explore Better brand and drove traffic to their website.

Through our AC Creator CollectionTM we selected Gareth Leonard (experienced traveler), Matt & Abby (young couple), and  GabeBabeTV (family)  to showcase their unique experience to reach and resonate with the core Explore Better audience.

Yellowstone/Grand Canyon

3.3 Million

TikTok Interactions

6.8 Million

Collective Following


Social Impressions

Engagement Rate

Total Views: 317 Thousand

Gareth Leonard: 31K, Matt & Abby: 301K, Gabe Babe TV: 39K

Gareth Leonard

Matt & Abby

Gabe Babe TV

Matt & Abby

Gabe Babe TV

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