The 2024 Insider’s Playbook to Travel PR

Complimentary Resource

Take Your Travel Brand’s PR Game To New Heights

Uncover winning strategies and tangible tips to guide your public relations strategy with this in-depth resource crafted specifically for travel brands.

Public relations doesn’t operate quite as it used to, yet it’s still 90% more effective than traditional advertising. In a world where content, earned media, and emerging channels have collided, how do travel brands turbocharge their PR strategy to the next level to make it the effective machine that it can be? We’ve combined decades of seasoned marketing and public relations experience in travel and hospitality to help brands like yours evolve their tactics to today’s times.

Why Do You Need This Resource?

Expert Insights

Get a front row seat to the inner workings of journalists, in addition to ways you can adapt your pitching and tailor your message to garner coverage.

Tangible Solutions

Walk away with impactful takeaways that you can begin implementing within your organization today.

Holistic Approach

PR can’t be done in silos. Learn the best ways to align with marketing, work seamlessly with your agency, and measure success.

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