What We’ve Learned In 12 Years Of Business

What We’ve Learned In 12 Years Of Business

We’re celebrating 12 years of Alliance Connection being in business. Here’s what we’ve learned throughout our over decade-long journey.

By Dana Baasiri 

Alliance Connection officially turns 12 this month! 12 years of momentous achievements, unmatched memories with our work family, risks taken, and lessons learned. Along the way we’ve developed long lasting relationships where team members have become family, clients have become friends, and the term “partner” has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Over a decade of being in business has allowed us to see the travel industry transform, and the marketing landscape evolve. Through it all, here are some important lessons we learned over the years that have helped us evolve with it:

Always put your team first

We’ve always said we are a “people first” agency. It’s the responsibility of every company and business owner to make sure you are valuing your team members and recognizing their hard work. Companies have a responsibility and owe it to their employees to make sure they provide the tools necessary to support their career development, sharpen their skills and cultivate any passion they demonstrate. Our company retreats are just one way we have been able to bond with one another and tap into our creativity in unconventional ways.

The art of connection is your marketing currency

You don’t need the biggest budget when it comes to propelling your brand and business forward. After years of crafting unique marketing collaborations and standout partnerships, we learned firsthand that connecting the right travel clients with the right media, brand, and entertainment partners speaks volumes and is just a fraction of the cost of a traditional paid media campaign. So much so that we’ve been able to guarantee exponential growth and 45:1 ROI.

Marketing collaborations are the gifts that keep on giving 

Successful collaborations almost always turn into mutually beneficial relationships that continue to grow and bring about multiple opportunities. In 12 years, we’ve rarely seen a “one and done” marketing partnership—whether that was a promotional partnership, an integrated entertainment one, or even a branded experience. Instead, we’ve been able to pair travel clients with brand partners multiple times for a variety of campaigns and partnerships that have produced results time and time again.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone

Breaking out the sea of sameness requires taking risks, but is critical to the success of any brand. In fact, our most successful projects have been the riskiest. Take our UExperience event at one of Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya’s Annual Legendary Members Appreciation Week as an example. We knew we had to do something different to truly wow members this time around, and decided to invite the members to vote on the setlist that can only be rehearsed in a matter of days. We ended up with an entirely custom-produced, fan-curated event that was by far one of our best.

Help your clients in unusual times 

We stand by our clients through thick and thin. When the pandemic hit, we asked ourselves what we could do to help the clients that we love emerge. From publishing a “State of the Travel Industry” piece to concepting and producing an award-winning “Live At Home” musical performance series, we knew we had to help our clients as best we could even when the future was uncertain and shaky.

Resilience comes from unity 

Arguably the most difficult but remarkable lesson we’ve learned has been just how much unity can breed resilience. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after a rocky two years for the world, and especially for the travel and tourism industry, is a wondrous relief. But we did not get here overnight. The industry stuck together and as a result is now on its way to rebounding.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

We work in a fun industry so it only makes sense to have some fun! Whether it’s having a sense of humor or a sense of adventure, we’ve learned that making the most fun out of our day-to-day professional lives is the only way we can continue to thrive and truly enjoy what we do. Whether it’s escaping on a boat ride to see the Arch of Cabo San Lucas after a long day of meetings, playing catch up over cocktails, or poking fun at ourselves, we’ve learned to never take ourselves too seriously.

We’re grateful for the 12 successful years we’ve been in business, and are grateful to our travel clients and brand partners. Cheers to many more adventures together!

Alliance Connection works with Caribbean and Mexico travel brands to drive awareness and bookings through strategic marketing partnerships and powerful brand interactions across a highly selective portfolio of brands, media, social influencers and entertainment partners that connect, capture and influence travelers across the U.S. 

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