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How To Measure Influencer Marketing: 7 Must-Have Indicators of Success

While impressions and reach are standard measurements of influencer marketing, a more analytical approach will help you measure true success with your campaigns and optimize ...
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Unclaimed Marketing Advantages: The Trick To Getting More For Less

How do you get more for less? That’s the question that’s on every travel marketer’s mind as they are tasked to come up with reimagined ...
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Beyond The Press Release: How To Evolve Your PR Strategy

Whether you’re in planning mode for the next year, or pivoting your direction based on your shifting business demands, it’s always a good time to ...
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9 New Hotel Openings in 2021 That We’re Excited About

The travel industry is buzzing with newcomers that are making a big splash. Join us as we round up 9 new hotel openings that are ...
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Top 7 Lifestyle Influencers And Content Creators To Host At Your Hotel

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and in the sea of influence, that statement holds true. How many exactly? Some sources estimate anywhere between ...
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The Secret to Travel Agent Loyalty

What does it really take to win the loyalty of travel agents? As the role of the travel expert becomes even more influential, we uncover ...
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Are Branded Hotel Experiences The Right Solution For You?

Whether you’re looking to spice things up or are launching an entirely new hotel, branded experiences might be the solution you need to stand out ...
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How To Turn Room Inventory into Marketing Dollars

For years, marketers have been told they need to “pay to play” to get their brand in front of consumer eyeballs whether it’s on television, ...
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How to Build Customer Loyalty and Acquisition Through Travel Promotional Partnerships

There’s a reason why promotional partnerships are an increasingly growing tactic being used by marketers. As more and more brands are embracing these strategies we ...
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5 Steps to Capture Pent-Up Travel Demand

The travel industry’s rebound is in full swing and the desire to travel is back with a vengeance. You might be reaping the bookings now but sustaining ...
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11 Favorite Travel Promotional Partnerships of All Time

We’re celebrating 11 magical years in business for Alliance Connection. Join us by taking a trip down memory lane as we round up our 11 ...
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Mythbusters: Working with Influencers

Influencers are one of two things: loved or misunderstood. If you’re anything like us, you’ve collaborated with and grown to absolutely love them as partners. ...
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