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5 Low Cost, High-Impact On-Air Placements You Need In Your Marketing Strategy

While it can cost big bucks to get your brand on-air in front of millions of eyeballs or listeners nationwide, …

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How To Measure Influencer Marketing: 7 Must-Have Indicators of Success

While impressions and reach are standard measurements of influencer marketing, a more analytical approach will help you measure true success …

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Unclaimed Marketing Advantages: The Trick To Getting More For Less

How do you get more for less? That’s the question that’s on every travel marketer’s mind as they are tasked …

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Beyond The Press Release: How To Evolve Your PR Strategy

Whether you’re in planning mode for the next year, or pivoting your direction based on your shifting business demands, it’s …

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9 New Hotel Openings in 2021 That We’re Excited About

The travel industry is buzzing with newcomers that are making a big splash. Join us as we round up 9 …

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Top 7 Lifestyle Influencers And Content Creators To Host At Your Hotel

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and in the sea of influence, that statement holds true. How many exactly? …

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