7 Tips for Impactful Influencer Marketing


The relationship between an influencer and their audience is sacred, it is engaging and conversational. There is a level of trust built between influencer and follower, and that is what makes them such a powerful marketing channel.

Consumers turn to their favorite influencers as they turn to their best friends- looking for advice, everyday tips and tricks, and recommendations on everything from products, clothing, recipes to vacations. So, collaborating with the right influencer that aligns with your brand is the perfect way to get into the inner circle and move their audience to purchase.

Here are 7 Tips for Impactful Influencer Marketing:

  1. Engage your target audience through authentic storytelling
    The average American is exposed to 5,000 ads per day – Influencer marketing breaks through the noise by delivering a highly-visible and relevant message from a trusted and welcome source. This authenticity keeps an audience engaged even when it comes to promotional content created by influencers.
  2. Target audiences accurately
    By selecting an influencer who aligns with your brand demographics and personality, you’ll be confident knowing that their audience will positively respond to your product. Thus, you’ll have a higher chance of converting their brand interaction to sales than a traditional mass-market ad campaign.
  3. Invest in influencers in your marketing plan to drive a higher ROI
    Influencers are more likely to deliver high returns in terms of earned media value. Adweek found influencer campaigns earn $6.85 in earned media value per every $1 spent.
  4. Track the impact to give visible results
    Influencer marketing can be analyzed using social listening and monitoring tools, such as Traackr or Talkwalker, which track key metrics to decipher the ROI and see what type of content resonates with your consumers. This allows you to focus on deeper consumer connections; such as engagement rates, likes, comments, as well as clicks and conversions.
  5. Boost SEO with influencer collaborations
    When creating your marketing campaigns consider bringing in an influencer to support and amplify the message. Take it a step further, and invest in boosting the influencer posts. These posts are an efficient way to exponentially increase impressions for both the influencer and your brand. The more mentions on social media equate to a higher impact on search rankings and will help your SEO.
  6. Convert leads
    Influencers lead a life that their followers aspire to. By having the influencer engage with your brand, interest will peak with their audience who will want to follow in their footsteps. Be sure to provide the influencer with your appropriate social media pages, campaign hashtags and promotional offers for direct marketing efforts to reach their fans.
  7. Create unique, fresh, user-generated content for your brand
    Influencers give your brand the chance to tell your story with a different voice, in a different way. Give creative freedom by providing key talking points with limited parameters, as opposed to a script that can come off as inauthentic. This allows them to stay true to their style while sharing your story- opening up your reach to new audiences.

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