5 Travel Partnerships That Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

By Dana Baasiri 

When it comes to crafting a winning-marketing strategy, there’s no one-size fits all approach. However, incorporating some form of travel collaborations in your plan can be a game-changer when it comes to connecting with highly-aligned audiences.  

What’s The Deal With Travel?

With 80% of Americans planning to travel this summer, the numbers speak for themselves. Travel is back and booming, with demand expected to rise even more given the recent easing of travel restrictions. And after two years of pent up travel demand, this summer is being dubbed the summer of “travel revenge.” For brands, this means that there is an increased likelihood of capturing a customer’s attention with exclusive chances to vacation at some of the best resorts. Brands can work with hotels and resorts to exchange marketing exposure for travel giveaways, or even more, collaborate on an unmatched, immersive experience at one of their locations. 

5 Types of Travel Partnerships 

From digital promotional partnerships to integrated branded experiences, travel partnerships and collaborations come in all shapes and sizes. Here are five types of travel marketing partnerships that can boost brand loyalty, expand your reach and convert consumers into loyal, repeat customers:


1. Digital Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Enter-to-win campaigns can drive both awareness and traffic online to brand websites, social media pages, even incentivizing consumers to subscribe. Whether partnering with just a travel brand, or tagging on additional lifestyle brands that complement your giveaway, these partnerships can easily be molded to fit any seasonal angle, unique product you may be launching, or a major campaign you’ve been planning for months. The beauty of these campaigns is that digital sweepstakes will not only help you engage your online audience, but it can grow your database by capturing opt-in leads, grow your social media following, and allow you to exchange audience reach with other brands.

2. In-store and Retail Partnerships

 There’s nothing like an exciting sweepstakes and on-pack promotion to help drive in-store traffic and retail sales for products. Perhaps you are trying to usher in more shoppers during a slower “off-period”, or are introducing a special collection of new flavors and varieties that need some love. Either way, thoughtfully aligning with a travel brand to entice consumers can go a long way — this includes featuring an attention-grabbing tropical vacation giveaway on your consumer packaging or point of purchase signage, in addition to digitally throughout your channels.

3. Movie and Theatrical Releases

For movie studios who are looking to shoot on location, resorts and hotels offer the perfect tropical studio for a storyline that fits — and with plenty of accommodation options, can serve as an all-in-one travel partner to host a crew at discounted rates for an integration. Looking to generate more excitement around a blockbuster release? Bring your movie to life with a themed suite or curated pop-up activation, and give your biggest fans the ultimate vacation with a trip giveaway.

4. On-air Giveaways

Whether your main medium is radio, podcast or television, we’re sure that ramping up tune-ins is #1 on your list. Travel collaborations offer endless opportunities to hook listeners and reel in viewers to help you get those ratings. From a “call in to win” sweepstakes giveaway, to a heartfelt human interest story surprising a deserving audience member or show guest with a much needed getaway, or a glitzy travel prize that’s up for grabs on a fun game show — travel is always a winner. Those looking for larger integrations can even broadcast on location in paradise, bring listeners along for the ride with a fan come along, or even host an event of their own.

5. Loyalty Clubs and Memberships

Looking for ways to stand out by rewarding your loyal members and attracting new ones? One way of giving back to loyal consumers and reinforcing their loyalty to your brand is through exclusive offers that only they have access to. This can include a members-only chance to win an all-inclusive family vacation, or an exclusive deal with major savings on a romantic getaway. Additionally, the right travel partnership can help increase subscriptions by teasing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win a free getaway that consumers can only access if they sign-up.


The list of collaborations doesn’t end here — partnerships can come to life in many other ways, from hosting consumer events at the hottest resorts to branded, interactive experiences onsite.

Interested in an integrated partnership with a travel brand? We have big ideas and big name hotels and resorts that are looking for brand partners like you. Sign up here for access to exclusive travel partnership opportunities or reach out to us at partnerships@allianceconnection.com

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