Integrated Entertainment Marketing

Connect with millions of viewers and listeners across the U.S.

Over a decade’s worth of successful collaborations with TV talk and game shows, record labels, music television, streaming media, broadcast partners, and film productions around the globe — and we’re just getting started.

Drive consumer engagement nationwide through meaningful placements, brand integrations, and promotional partnerships.

Television and Film Product Integrations

RADIO Contests and Come Alongs

Entertainment Promotions

TV Talk and Game Show Placement

Live on Location Segments

Don’t miss this season’s robust opportunities to be included in Prizing With a Purpose, Human Interest Segments, and Surprise and Delight Moments.

Success Stories

Insights to Inspire, Educate and Innovate

5 Low Cost, High-Impact On-Air Placements That You Need In Your Marketing Strategy

While it can cost big bucks to get your brand on-air in front of millions of eyeballs or listeners nationwide, there are other ways to get it done without breaking the bank or your budget. We uncover five ways to break through this coveted space at a fraction of the cost of a media buy.

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