Five For Five with Terrell and Jarius

Five For Five with Terrell and Jarius

#ACTastemaker Influencers and Content Creators of T&J Family

Alliance Connection is beyond fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in marketing with brands, lifestyle media partners, influencers, entertainment, and the travel and tourism industry. Our strategic marketing skillset can’t help but be elevated just by working with them, so we’re sharing the wealth! Join us as we profile a top mover and shaker in the industry who can help us all up our marketing game.

This month, our strategic marketing spotlight is on Terrell and Jarius, #ACTastemaker Influencers and Content Creators of T&J Family.



Terrell and Jarius are parents raising two ADORABLE children, Ashton & Aria in Atlanta, GA. Their popular YouTube Channel documents their family’s journey and takes their followers along for the ride with a great mix of both heartwarming and hilarious content.

As part of Alliance Connection’s dynamic #ACTastemaker portfolio, T&J Family has joined our team at both Sun, Slime and Social: A Nicksclusive Playcation and Social Media on the Sand 2019 social media conference at Beaches Turks & Caicos.

On the latest social media platform, TikTok, they have taken-off reaching 1.1 Million subscribers and 14.5M likes since their account launched in March. Sharing with us that they found success when realizing the platform went beyond just trendy dances but is really a source of how-to and DIY content. A viable new marketing tool for travel, TikTok has over 600 Million active users and continues to grow in popularity.

As if that wasn’t enough, they let us in on their newest endeavor set to debut this August, “Don’t Mention It!” a brand-new podcast hosted by Terrell and Jarius. The show will feature conversations led by the influencers about topics that people may be afraid or embarrassed to talk about.


We caught up with T&J Family to hear their insight on influencer collaborations
with the travel and tourism industry.

  • 1.
    Offer influencers curated itineraries or a list of must-do experiences.
    This frees up our time to relax, be creative, and focus on producing great content to help authentically tell the destination’s story. It takes the guesswork out of it and ensures we cover the best of the travel experience that our host is looking for. We’ve noticed a real difference when working with Alliance Connection who has been great at putting together a thoughtful list of things to do and group activities that relate back to our personality and channel content.
  • 2.
    Be flexible and accommodating. Show us as much of everything as possible... and when available, provide a room with a view.
    We aren’t trying to act like “super celebs”, but when creating content we will want to share all aspects of our stay, including the room and that view. If there is a new restaurant you’d like to promote, provide reservations so we can experience it first-hand, document it, and get the word out to build that excitement. Think of us as a mini television production team, with access to the experiences we are able to capture the content and produce the story to get the most out of our stay for our fans and for your destination.
  • 3.
    Consider hosting a group of like-minded influencers.
    We love traveling with other influencers, especially when the host team has done a great job with pairing creators with similar interests, in our case, family channels. Being honest, we might actually prefer group trips now. You feel the comradery, it’s all about collaboration and everyone is open to new experiences and grows from it. It intros us to new audiences to expand our reach and creates really fun crossover content that fans get excited about.
  • 4.
    Stay true to your brand identity and core values when choosing who to collaborate with and your audience will embrace it.
    Anything outside of that would feel inauthentic. Our fans come to us because they already trust that whatever we are going to put out is going to be something they typically would have an affinity for. Our fans have found comfort in our content that we were able to travel with two kids under 2 years old and it has given them the confidence to travel too. Travel content has been a game-changer and is our favorite content to put out to our followers and their favorite to consume!
  • 5.
    Form long-term partnerships as opposed to one-off collaborations to make a stronger impact and become a true brand ambassador.
    Ideally, we’d like to work with brands on a longer-term partnership basis, as opposed to one-off, so that it’s consistent. Our audience becomes more familiar with the partner and forms that association. We can authentically come together, take our core values and blend messages to create a really special piece of content that we can promote to our audience. If we share it with our followers, it is because we truly love the product, live by it, or enjoyed the experience.

About Alliance Connection:

For nearly a decade Alliance Connection has been successfully guiding marketers in the hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries through innovative marketing strategy, product development, and promotional initiatives. Alliance Connection has a proven track record of increasing profits, moving market share, and propelling business objectives forward with a simple but effective strategy to “connect, engage and close more business for our clients.” The company’s portfolio includes many of the nation’s leading companies and travel partners, such as Sony Corporation of America, Nickelodeon, All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels, Melia Hotels & Resorts, Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Sandals & Beaches Resorts, CMT, Wheel of Fortune and more.

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