Five for Five with Stephanie Pineiro

Five for Five with Stephanie Pineiro

Social Media & PR Coordinator, Karisma Hotels & Resorts

Alliance Connection is beyond fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in travel marketing. Our strategic marketing skillset can’t help but be elevated just by working with them, so we’re sharing the wealth! Each month we will profile a top mover and shaker in the industry who can help us all up our marketing game.

This month’s strategic marketing spotlight is on Stephanie Pineiro, Social Media & PR Coordinator, Karisma Hotels & Resorts.



We caught up with Stephanie Pineiro at the Taste of Karisma, a four-day social media influencer summit created by Alliance Connection held in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The event welcomed creators with delicious gourmet food and drinks, luxurious accommodations, catamaran and camel rides, mixology classes, cabana collaborations, a think tank discussion, fireworks and of course, Instagrammable moments.

As her high school class historian and a communications major in college, Stephanie said she was always on her phone, so a career in social media management seemed like a natural progression in what she already loved to do – create content. She also mentioned that her love of photography would have been her back up career option, but that she truly loves finding various ways to connect with the Karisma audience through social media. Today Stephanie leads all Social Media & PR for Karisma Hotels & Resorts global portfolio.

We asked Stephanie to provide us with some key insights to her strategy in building Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ social media channels and engaging the desired audience she is trying to market to.

“It’s important to find influencers who makes sense for your brand, align with your targets, goals and strategies and have the same core values.”

Watch our chat with Stephanie below:

Stephanie's FIVE FOR FIVE


  • 1.
    What are the toughest challenges you face when working with content collaborators?
    Finding influencers is something that we at Karisma do frequently, whether it’s through a good old Instagram deep dive, researching other companies and brands who are players in the ‘bloggersphere,’ or working closely with partners such as Alliance Connection who have tapped into influencer-specific networks.
  • 2.
    What is the measure of success in a social media campaign?
    Tracking success is more difficult than other areas of marketing and sales. It’s truly about awareness and brand exposure in different ways. KPIs like followers, impressions, word of mouth and tags are crucial. It’s almost like the public relations of the digital world.
  • 3.
    What brand do you admire with regard to social media marketing?
    From a hotel perspective, the W makes it easy for people to engage with them, provide great imagery to connect to their audience with. When your content appears organic and real, yet still aspirational, it makes your brand that much personal to potential consumers.
  • 4.
    How do you use social media to appeal to different generations?
    We hear a lot about millennials, but they are not the only people who travel for sure! It’s important to segment out what platform works for what niche and also find what content most appeals to all generations, such as photos vs. videos and going live and stories vs. regular posts.
  • 5.
    What are some newer ideas and concepts you employ in your strategy?
    Once we dipped our toes and got comfortable in the influencer world, it was time to figure out what the next step was in terms of a more results-driven, meaningful campaign. That answer for us, was larger scale influencer events, or summits. In 2018, we hosted our first ever Taste of Karisma, which hosted 18 influencers and grew our social media following by 30% – instantaneously. In 2019, we continued with Sun, Slime, Social- a family-friendly summit featuring over 30 creators which grew our following by 19% immediately, drew brand impressions at over 260 million and increased web traffic by 1,400%. Hosting bigger scale events like these has really become a sweet spot that we’ll continue to tap into.


Taste of Karisma
Total Creators
Total Subscribers

Total Social Posts: 127 posts
Total lnstagram Videos:  156 videos
Total Social Media Impressions: 26,539 media impressions

Total Social Media Engagement/Interactions: 1,326,187 interactions
Total Social Media Likes: 1,317,499 likes
Total Social Media Comments: 8,673

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