Everyone loves an underdog. Alliance Connection, Inc. was founded and remains headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Motor City has its ups and downs but we support our home city and value the same dedication and hard work currently displayed by its slow revival.

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The heart of Music City. With an office just outside of downtown, Alliance Connection has been able to foster relationships with top music labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Big Machine Records.

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Creativity is fueled by beauty. With a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan, famed architecture as well as the renowned Art Institute, this is the home of our creative division. Crafted from youthful passion and seasoned execution, innovative ideas are ordinary.

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Los Angeles

The land of dreams. Bustling with cutting edge ideas and raw talent, Los Angeles is the home to our talent relations division. By nurturing and developing strong ties with artists, actors and musicians from popular TV shows our portfolio allows us to effectively explore new entertainment partnership avenues.

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